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Our uncanny magical journey into the period of the past will be even more successful if we fully transfer into it. And what more than an appropriate attire will allow us to feel like the inhabitants of the 19th century?

So, we encourage all participants and guests of the Golden Afternoon to, like the ladies and gentlemen of the 1900's, to take care of the garments appropriate for the occasion. Enthusiasts of steampunk, stylish gothic, neo-rmantic, empire, biedermeier styles are welcome as well.

The idea of the picnic includes thinking of the 19th century and it's fashion in an open way - as a source of inspiration for people, who have the wish to spend their time in a pleasant way in stylish attires, engulfed by the charm of the palace, park and attractions prepared. We hope, that thanks to that this event will be a pleasure and good fun for everyone who joins us.

We present a gallery of inspirations below: