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Golden afternoon is a stylish 19th-century picnic, during which everyone will be able to fell the atmosphere of this remarkable epoque and become a part of it. Thanks to numerous attractions, which invoke both the authentic history of the period, which call up well-known characters from the artistic world and the contemporary love of fiction, which was based on an unmanageable curiosity of the world and of the future we hope to stimulate the interest in those breakthrough times and to encourage the active contact with history. This event will also allow for the exceptional contact with a historic object, which the President's Manor House in Zgłobice is.

The idea of the picnic includes thinking of the 19th century and it's fashion in an open way - as a source of inspiration for people, who have the wish to spend their time in a pleasant way in stylish attires, engulfed by the charm of the palace, park and attractions prepared. We hope, that thanks to that this event will be a pleasure and good fun for everyone who joins us.

Golden Afternoon 2016:

During the fourth Golden Afternoon, that grew to also include the previous evening and the following morning (09–11.09.2016, Sieraków Manor House near Dobczyce) our guests were able to:

  • listen to a piano concert of 19th-century music (played with 2 and 4 hands);
  • take part in a workshop for the youngest explorers;
  • listen to discussions about steampunk literature and steampunk, clockpunk and dieselpunk fashion;
  • traditionally take part in a ball, dance workshops, most elegant gentleman election and joint fashion show;
  • rummage through a wide selection of gadgets and accessories straight from the 19th century and its alternative versions;
  • visit the ever-so-hospitable Sheikh's tent;
  • join the Mad Tea Party in the Wonderland;
  • let themself be immortalized on a glass plate with one of the oldest photographic technique on an individual portrait or on our group photo;
  • listen to a beautiful music of a string quartet;
  • and finally see a steampunk spectacle about science, magic and love...

Artists of the fourth picnic

Golden Afternoon 2015:

The programme of the third of our meetings (9/19/2015, Śmiłowice Palace near Nowe Brzesko) allowed to:

  • take part in steampunk workshops (for older and younger);
  • see a Living Diorama of beatiful ladies and elegant gentlemen;
  • listen to a discussion on the 19th century presented in pop-culture, TV series and movies;
  • see the court of a true Maharajah;
  • find oneself on a common commemorative photograph (on which our photographers managed to capture over 160 people!);
  • have an afternoon tea in the Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts;
  • take part in a joint fashion show and in an election of the most elegant gentleman;
  • dance at a mini-ball, previously preparing accordingly at the early dances workshop;
  • visit our old friend, the Sheikh in his colourful oriental tent;
  • meet a group of gypsy travellers, who visited our picnic with their tent;
  • add some steampunk gadgets and jewellery to one's wardrobe at the stand of irreplaceable Mad Artisans;
  • and at the end see the spine-chilling oneiric spectacle called "Seance", lifting a little of the veil separating our world from the other...

Artists of the third picnic

Golden Afternoon 2014:

During the second picnic (8/9/2014, Goetz-Okocimski Palace, Brzesko) our guests were able to:

  • meet the mad scientist, constructor of the flying machine;
  • face the birds of prey and owls under keen eye of experienced falconers;
  • listen to the lecture on the history of Goetz family, lecture about steampunk and slavicpunk and see the presentation of a revolutionary invention of Mr Alexander Bell, i.e. the telephone;
  • equip themselves with steampunk gadgets and jewellery from Mad Artisans or buy some antiquities from our atmospheric vendors;
  • listen to harp concerts of mme Elżbieta Baklarz;
  • take part in workshops on paper "tailoring" and creation of stem-powered computers – for adults and kids;
  • see the 19th-century boudoir wardrobe fashion show, dance shows of Jane Austen school, ballet shows, as well as first Polish steampunk production entitled "The Morrow Lost"
  • meet the Queen of Hearts and either have a cup of tea with her or be forced (under threat of losing one's head) to paint the white roses planted by error red;
  • learn ball etiquette and period dance and later try their new knowledge out during the evening ball;
  • listen to Telimena's story of her exciting adventure experienced once in Petersburg;
  • spend some time in the eastern tent in company of our Sheikh and a beauty-eyed Houri accompanying him;
  • take part in a joint fashion show and in an election of the most elegant gentleman.

and in the evening listen to the dark stories of Grimm Brothers' secretary and see a gothic performance entitled "Memoirs of Wilhelmina Harker"

Artists of the second picnic

Golden Afternoon 2013:

During the first picninc (28.09.2013, Żeleński Palace, Grodkowice) one could have:

  • watched the performance of Helena Modrzejewska and a dance show by Isadora Duncan;
  • heared the tale of Phileas Fogg about the last of his exotic travels;
  • visited the studio of 19th-century painter of historical topics;
  • meet the Mad Hatter in person, as well as Alice, Alice from Behind the Looking-Glass, Absinthe Green Fairy and an authentic Sheik;
  • ordered a photograph in the atmnospheric photographic atelier;
  • listened to the fragments of fantastic novels by such authors as Jules Verne, Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe and others;
  • given yourself in to the talent of our hairstyle mistress;
  • sneaked a peek into the oriental tent;
  • watched the gentlemen's duel;
  • tried delicious sweetnesses at the palace's cafe;
  • spent some time in our little retro-cinema, in which "Chained by the corsets" ("W pętach gorsetów"), an animation directed by Barbara Szewczyk and here other works were shown;
  • supplied yourself with unique fashion accessories created by Mad Artisans;
  • take part in the election of the most elegant gentleman of the picnic;
  • danced at the mini-ball;
  • savoured the taste of the misterious Absinthe;
  • listened to the concert of the Victorians. The Aristocrats' Simphony.

Artists of the first picnic