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AlterSteam (co-organizer)

Altersteam poster Alter Steam is a group of passionate people who love working together and share an interest in broadly defined 'alternative' theme. To this day effects of their work was spread out, so they agreed to join their efforts and work out the best formula to share theirs passion with others. Project 'Alter Steam' was created to share with you
inspirations, inform about interesting initiatives and events, and what's most important share effects of the group's creative work, also with preparations part. The most recent creations include mainly photographic works: cover and promotional shots for steampunk novel Ektenia, characters from Wolsung game, and even more covers for upcoming steampunk themed books.


Steampunk according to AlterSteam

Born as a literature genre, referring to the novels of first science-fiction writers, cyberpunk antagonist. And, as this what we call nowadays science-fiction began in the Victorian Era, plot of many steampunk writings is located in that particular period. But it's not a rule; moreover, it shouldn't be, because steampunk was designed to show us THE FUTURE in the way Victorians expected it. How the world would look like if everything was mechanical instead of digital; a steam-powered computer or a clockwork iPod? But what does it mean "future for Victorians"? I say, what was FUTURE for them is PRESENT for us. IT'S NOW. Just in an alternative reality. And that's why we are here and our name is - ALTERSTEAM.