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"Mechanical Heart" Nomina Rosae Theatre

"Mechanical Heart" is a story kept in the steampunk aesthetic, in which incredible inventions meet magic. Its protagonists are passionate explorers, Prospero and Amelia as well as beautiful daimonia Minewra. Can they discover the secret of the stars? Can a mechanical heart truly love? Can lost feelings and memories be restored? And will love and longing prove to be stronger than mechanisms and magic?

Nomina Rosae Theatre

screenplay, director: Maria MOLENDA

Prospero Cordelius – Łukasz OLEŚ
Dajmonia Minewra – Justyna STASIK
Amelia Koralewska – Aleksandra POWĘZKA
Costumes: NOMINA ROSAE Atelier

Prospero Cordelius (Łukasz Oleś)Prospero Cordelius (Łukasz Oleś)
Dajmonia Minerwa (Justyna Stasik)Dajmonia Minerwa (Justyna Stasik)
Amelia Koralewska (Aleksandra Powęzka)Amelia Koralewska (Aleksandra Powęzka)