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Jane Austen Dance School

Golden Afternoon is also – invariably – an evening ball, that will again be hosted by the Jane Austen Dance School. You can't dance like a 19th-century lady or gentleman? During the day you'll have a chance to learn and prepare for the evening!

Jane Austen Dance School — propagates English and Scottish ball dances of 17th, 18th and 19th century, i.e. English & Scottish Country Dances. School is mainly interested in the Regency period (the break of the 18th and 19th centuries in Great Britain). The ballrooms were reigned by various contradances and quadrilles. It is also a period of time, when Jane Austen lived, exquisite English writer, author of the world-wide famous and beloved novels such as "Pride and Prejudice" or "Sense and Sensibility". Around the school a group of people sharing a common passion for dance and love of courtly culture of eras bygone has gathered. It exists since 2011 and is formally a part of Krakowiacy Culture Centre. The school includes also a dance ensemble, that will perform at the Golden Afternoon.

Jane Austen Dance School fanpage on Facebook.