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Beautiful Harp-player

Elżbieta Baklarz is a harpist born in Kraków. In June 2001 she graduated with honours form Music School in Kraków obtaining a title of Master of Arts. She often plays as a guest with Sinfonietta Cracovia and Amadeus orchestras, symphonic orchestras, Silesian Opera in Bytom, Szczecin Castle Opera and also with Sinfonia Varsovia, National Concert Hall, Grand Theatre, K&K Philharmoniker, Alvarez Chamber Orchestra and Orquestra do Norte.
She took part in performances of a series of symphonic, oratorical and chamber pieces. Many of them were composed having in mind exclusively her as a first performer and interpretator of musical pieces, e.g. B. Scheaffer "Sonata for violin and a  harp", "Fur Elise", M. Negrey "Vitis Mistica", A. Walaciński "Hierogliph", M. Ptaszyńska "Euridice's Dream", M. Mengjiqi "Quae mane oramus", T. Pehlken "Drei gesanges", Sz. Tesarowicz "Breathe of Love Cantata". Next to individual recitals she played solo parts with chamber orchestras, i.a.: Concerto Lamelli, Sinfonietta and Forum Sinfonia and G. F. Telemann Orchestra.
She took part in recordings directed by prominent directors of polish and world musical scene, she realised programmes for TVN, TV Kraków and also for RMF FM radio. She took part in the works of Internationale Bach Akademie and Internationale Junge Orchester Akademie. She also develops artistic activities in the field of chamber music.