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Cicerone - Goetz Annalist

While being at the Goetz Palace it's hard not to take the chance to learn about te history of the family, that vreated such an amazing place. And this history is a story about becoming a good Pole. One and only Cicerone will tell you the story - an original character moving constantly between Grand Duchy and Galicia. He travelled a lot. In his veins Armenian, Moravian and Polish blood fight for supremacy. Sometimes immersed in fashionable depression, but without visible symptoms. At the court one may hear, that he is almost certainly behind the idea of construction of the Oder-Danube and Vistula-Dniester canals. Tireless promoter of industry. Secret enthusiast of the railway (said to be ungodly, but this is not sure). He was seen by subordinates of Colonel Redel ostentatiously reading "Naprzód" with his coffee. Allegedly always having compasses and plumb line on him.