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Construct your steampunk computer (for kids)

Do you know how the prototype of the contemporary computer looked like? On this one and only day you will see for yourself how it is like to be Konrad Zuse yourself. using the everyday-life items and your imagination you will build your own "steampunk computer". We invite both youngest constructors and their parents to the "game-workshops" (the more hands, the merrier).

Workshops will be led by Karolina Lisik, graduate of the SPOT Acting School in Kraków and of the Art Institute of Opole University. Her painting diplomma was exhibited in Art Gallery in Opole as well as in Art Gallery in Legnica and her series of paintings was rewarded at All-Polish Review of Young Painters. She's in love with Norway, her goal is to see aurora borealis. And it is worth adding that aurora craves to see her :)