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Creators of "The Morrow Lost"

During Golden Afternoon you will not only have the opportunity to watch the first Polish steampunk movie production, but also to talk with the creators of the movie - director, script writer and editor Amadeusz Andrzejewski and with costume creator Kaja Flaga. Credible sources inform us, that beside them other people connected to the movie will appear at the Golden Afternoon!

"Tho movie is about a ball organized by an eccentric countess, who wants to make yourself younger "sucking time" (past events, memories) out of her guests using a machine created for the purporse. The movie takes places in the 1960's in alterantive reality based on steampunk aesthetics."

Amadeusz Andrzejewski - director, screen writer, editor. Graduate of movie editing at PWSFTviT and sound and image engineering at Gdańsk Institute of Technology. He works as an editor, after hours spending time on photography and co-creation of independent movies as a cameraman and director. For independent movie "Substitute" (2012, camera and editing) he received a proze for the best short movie at the Watch Out! Tetovo Film Festival in Macedonia. Privately a fan of the works of David Cronenberg, David Lynch, Jean-pierre Jeunet, Jacek Dukaj, every form of surrealism and painting of the post-impressionist period.



Kaja Flaga - Studied to be a cellist, her clothing takes her from 19th century. Everyday he wears clothes as our ladies from the screen. He also writes a blog on non-typical fashion - goth and 19th-century



Marcin W. Dąbrowski - in day to day life he plays his part of a cogwheel in a great corporation. but in the evenings and at nights  and in every free moment he devotes himself to production "in a secret, cold cellar with madness in his eyes", he tinkers, cuts, sews, rivets and does other wierd things, dipping his hands in leather, grease, copper, wood, stain, brass, sugar, water, glicerine, wax, silver and some other ingredients. When he has some spare time left he digs out other needed props from under ground. And when he has some spare time left then, he gives himself to his other passion - photography.