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"Crynoline" group (Co-organizer)

"Crinoline" group exists for two years, bringing together enthusiasts of historical garments from all over Poland. Its members regularly take part in numerous reenactment, costume, educational and cultural events, collaborating with museum and municipal institutions, as well as with historical reenactment groups. The group, functioning initially as a part of vintage and costume blogs listing, is being formalized presently, waiting for their entry in the National Court Register (KRS) as the Crinoline Historical Reenactment and Costuming Assosciation. Members of the group constantly deepen their knowledge on the subject of of early fashion and lifestyle, creating hand-made costumes and historical accessories such as jewellery, adornments, hats, shoes and even historical cosmetics. The goal of "Crinoline" is to popularize knowledge on the subject of early lifestyle and costumes as well as development of traditional artistic craftsmanship.