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Exquisite Atelier of Image of Mr and Mrs Fason

Exquisite Atelier of Image of Mr and Mrs Fason invites you to their "Enchanted wardrobe" Wardrobe hidden in the garden – visible only to the chosen few, gifted with unlimited imagination. There you can undergo a little metamorphosis or step through the looking glass. Straight into 'Wonderland' – created every year, only at the magical Golden Afternoon.

Wonderland – how to find your way around? (with help of the March Hare, of course ;) )

This year the Mad Hatter invites you to visit his workshop, where you'll be able to try on unending amount of headdresses and the youngest will create their own colourful hats. With a bit of luck, if you find a way, you'll be able to visit the White Queen's castle. It won't hurt to ask the March Hare for directions, as he is a frequent guest there.
While in the Wonderland be on your guard for the extremely dangerous Queen of Hearts. If you'll be unable to avoid this undoubtedly unpleasant meeting, the only way to not lose your head is being equipped with a spare one.

At 5 PM the inhabitants of Wonderland will invite you for the "Mad Tea Party"! It will include vernissage of works inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" exhibition. Apart from that we don't exactly know what to expect from an event organized by the Mad Hatter. In a conversation between him and Alice that we overheard lately, he said something about paintings, drawings and poetry, then he added something about a raven and a writing desk and then bursted with laughter...

One is sure, the tea will be a-plenty! :)