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Grimm Brothers' Assistant

It is said, that behind every great man there stands a great woman (and rolls her eyes). It is worth remembering, that behind every great hero there also stand important - often unseen - characters, without which we would never hear about the heroic deeds of those first ones. Characters like dr Watson, Sancho Pansa, Alfred - those, who bear the heroes' weapons, stotch their wounds, sometimes save their lives, and often also write down their stories.

Do you know that Grimm brothers had their assistant? He modestly says about himself: "if it wasn't for me there would be two unknown corpses, not two of the greatest beast slayers in history". Wait a second... "Beast slayers?"

Przemysław Zańko - born 1989. He recently graduated - with relief - majoring in polish philology, now he earns a living. He is interested in psychology, outer space, RPG's, science-fiction literature and funny images on the Internet. Together with friends he co-creates a blog on TV-series Pulpozaur.pl. He won the "Futuronaut" contest.