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Helena Modjeska

Ewa RomaniakEwa Romaniak - beautiful, talented, exquisite actress, full of positive energy and irresistible charm. She graduated from Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków. She was awarded numerous awards and prizes such as a prize during the Garden's Thatres Festival in Warsaw for the part of Klara in "Maidens' Vows". She gained a title of the best actress in the "Four cards form the deck" plebiscite and a prize for high-class comedy skills for the part in the "Stag party" spectacle as a part of 7th National Festival of Comedy "Thalia". She is also a prizewinner of the Retro Song Festival "Golden Leaf" in Warsaw. Ewa Romaniak besides from performing on theatrical stages takes part in many musical projects, of which the most well-known is a 4-part musical project entitled "A Musical Odyssey", also "A Film Love Story" and a musical show "Romance with Champagne"