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Imperial-Royal Music - Galician Quartet

Southern Lesser Poland in the 19th century was a part of Galicia – Austrian province of Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. While setting out on our time travel from the Dobczyce Palace we'd end up in Galicia... This year during our journey we will be accompanied by the Galizian Quartet!

Galician Quartet (Kwartet Galicyjski) was created in December 2013 in Kraków. The band consists of students and graduates of the Fryderyk Chopin Musical Univeristy in Białystok, Musical Academy in Kraków and Karol Lipiński Musical Academy in Wrocław. In 2014–2015 the band's members took part in the FAMA International Artistic Campus in Świnoujście, performing on the same stage as Włodek Pawlik and Baltic Neopolis Orchestra. During that time they had the chance of participating in the improvisation workshops led by Atom String Quartet. In the last year the quartet presented itself in the Capitol Theatre in Wrocław and also ahd a chance to perform within the "Political Games – 1815 Congress of Vienna" Labyrinth of History in the Małopolskie Centrum Kultury "Sokół" in Nowy Sącz. The band often joins the orchestral projects organized as a part of Jan Kiepura Festival in Krynica Zdrój and is active in the whole Lesser Poland voivodeship.

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