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Jane Austen Dance School (co-organizer)

Jane Austen poster

Jane Austen Dance School is occupied with dances for the real Ladies and Gentlemen. It propagates English and Scottish ball dances of 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, or so called English & Scottish Country Dances, but their main period of interest is Regency - beginning of the 19th century in Great Britain. Empire style reigns in fashion and the dancers create their attires based on it.

It is also a time, when Jane Austen lived, exquisite English writer, author of the world-wide famous and beloved novels such as "Pride and Prejudice", "Sense and Sensibility", "Emma", etc. Fascinated by the world she lived in and created in her novels, members of the school try to recreate its charm and magic by dancing.

The school gathers many people who share the passion of dance and the love for courtly culture, which they animate by organizing numerous balls, performances and workshops. Beside workshop groups, a scenic one functions as a part of the school and takes part in many shows and spectacles at festivals and artistic events connected with dance, culture and music.

The Instructor

Maja Zawada Maja Zawada - certified dance instructor, graduate of Qualification Instructors' Course at NCK in Kraków. He learned historical dance from Barbara Segal, Romana Agnel, Marie-Claire Le Corre and Leszek Rembowski and others. She participated many times in workshops during the "Cracovia Danza" Courtly Dances Festival. Enthusiast of English and Scottish dances and of Jane Austen's works as well.