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Maharajah's suite – "Chameli" ensemble

Chameli Dance Ensemble was created in 2002, but before then it functioned as a part of Saathi ensemble in Kraków. Currently the ensemble consists of 6 dancers, all of them with different experience and time of residency in the previous ensemble. "Chameli" means "jasmine" in hindi. We present mainly broadly defined indian dance (classical courtly kathak, bollywood, bhangra, lavanii, tamil) but also other dance styles, that we perfect during our various workshops, including: bellydance, hip-op or sexy dance. We also organize hen parties and provide programme for thematic evenings, cultural and business events through animation and performances. We erform regularly at Holi and Diwali holidays in NCK in Kraków. Our shows can also be seen in Indian restaurants and hotels in Kraków. We give workshops and dance courses – including those in Gota Dance and Matial Arts Academy.


Tomasz Sieńko-Mushkil – Indian dance instructor and choreographer. Specialst in mixing Indian dance styles with contemporary styles like: dancehall, riverdance or samba. He gained his dance experience and instructor tuitle in India with dancers and teachers: Namrata Rai, Asmita Shivpuri , Mathuri Sridharan. Student of Anghaar Kuchipudi Dance Academy, New Delhi, India – 2011 – 2012. He began his adventure with Indian dance in 2006 in Sihir dance studio in Kraków, fascinated by the colours and expressivity of bollywood dance, he went to India for the first time in 2007 to learn bollywood and bhangra dances. From then on he visits India every year to improve his skills and deepenhis knowledge in the field of Kathak and Kuchipudi dances.