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Miss Wronska's wardrobe

The Crynoline is a non-formal group joining the enthusiasts of hitorical costume, early fashion and lifestyle. Its members meet regularly at historical events and other events organized by them like picnics and rallies, every time choosing a specific historical era as a leading topic. The mmetings are an occasion to present garments hand-made according to the early fashion, experience exchange and mutual play in specific epoque convention. The group includes both amateurs of costumology and people profesionally dealing with historical tailoring, reconstructions, art history and custodianship. Apart from conjoined activity they lead their individual blogs and websites, that aim at popularization of knowledge on early fashion and lifestyle among wider circles. Members of the Crynoline share interest in the aesthetics of eras gone by, passion for early literature, art and fashion and also the conviction that history doesn't have to be boring - it becomes close and understandable, interesting and funny sometimes, if we try to learn about it "from the inside", recreating not the great historical events, but the everyday life of people from passed eras.