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Mrs Telimena

Her form slender, but rounded, her bosom alluring,
Dress of pink silk material, in no way obscuring
A décolleté neckline, lace collar; gloves short;
In her hand she was twirling a small fan, for sport,
(Hot it was not); the glittering fan ceaselessly plied,
Waved aloft, copious showers of sparks scattered wide

Woman described above will come to join you from the pages of Adam Mickiewicz's poem... This lady is depicted as a catcher of men's hearts...

Telimena not wolfish nor human sort gathered,
Absent minded and bored, moved along with the others,
Head in air, glancing round. So the Notary, displeased,
Said of her, that for mushrooms she looked in the trees;
The Assessor, with spite: "She's a female who would
Find a spot for her nest in the near neighbourhood"

She will tell us a story that happened one spring in Saint Petersburg

The part of Telimena will be played by Aneta Galar - graduate of the acting department of artistic Schools of Kraków. Spiritually connected with the stage since the beginning of her activity. Recently created her first spectacle, drawing inspiration from people surrounding her and the calmness of the countryside. in day to day life she's surrounded by the sounds of nature and good music, with one eye turned to the screen - in free time she watches old movies, dreaming about the time machine. Sport and her mum keep her on the ground.