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Paper Seamstress

How to create elements of 19th-century wardrobe using paper? It will be demonstrated by Iza Wałek. Studied to be a sociologist, professionally for a dozen or more years organizes and carries out exhibitions  and cultural-ocial events (PRINCE 2 certificate). Colaborates with many cultural institutions and artists, including National Museum in Kraków (for the longest time) and NGO's like visual Arts Foundation, Lablab Foundation, Architecture institute Foundation and others.

Her hobbies always revolved around thiongs you can do with your hands, especially using paper, rocks, textiles and wood as well as floristics. She beginned with creation of paper hair-styles for the mannequins at the "Ethereal Beauty" and "history of a Woman's Purse" exhibitions and paper replicas of the elements of garments from various eras for the workshops accompanying the "After Fashion Through Centuries" exhibition at the National Museum in Kraków. Presently she deals mainly with creation of jewellery from non-standard materials and using recycleable materials to create decorative elements.

Happy owner of two husky dogs.