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Photographical time travel - Retro Atelier

19th century is obviously also the history of photography and the beginnings of this incredible art of fixating reality, saving of locations and immortalization of people. at this year's Golden Afternoon the Retro Atelier will open to take portraits using early techniques.

Retro Atelier – recreates 19th-century techniques of imaging and also clothing trends, uniforms and props used in that era for the needs of taking down natural portraits. It also prepares copies of obtained negatives including the then-fashionable colourization, softening of colours, repainting and retouching of photographs. We keep our processes historical, use historically accurate recipes and reagents. All components (silver or chromate light-sensitive emulsions, developers and fixers) of the processes we make ourselves according to the original recipes. We take outdoor and atelier shots. We have the only daylight atelier, typical to the 19th and early 20th century. Thanks to that we are the only ones who offer photographies with natural daylight, the way they were made back in the day. It's due to this lighting that the old photos have their unique mood and softness.