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Roving Samovar Stall

"And hear ye! What awaits us us on the 23rd of September, in the year of our Lord 2017 at Zglobice Manor.
We invite you through these noble thresholds and to the delight of the guests see a roving SAMOVAR stall! And in the end you will find out soon, that a living fire burns in the belly of this contraption! And the boil of white and Russian mix of herb of black will meet! And cheerful hiss will be everywhere! Then, I can tell you my dear Sirs and Ma'ams, the world may end – such a beautiful sight that is. The heart in the chest grows. And then it's an inevitable sign that you can pour and serve and enjoy the taste of the brew...

The samovar comes from the Syberian borderlands. And my great-grandmother, Hortence, gave it to me as a first-born great-great-granddaughter at the brink of adulthood. And after that I entered the service of Mr. Baron, but I was quickly dismissed because of too much confidentiality with Mr. Baron which allegedly we had. This is slander only by the jelous hag the house-mistress that is all to eager to take the place of our lady Baroness as our Lady Baroness is dying of consumption. So I was removed from the palace and the samovar I brought to the service, I was allowed to take with me. And here I am now wandering through fields, forests and when I reach a mansion or manor for the roof over my head and food I present the miracle of craftsmanship and invite the guests to try it.
What will happen on that day as the manor clock strikes 5 in the afternoon... "

Gabriela Krysińska