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Stories of fashion: talking about steampunk (and more)

About steampunk, clockpunk and dieselpunk fashion with little digression on gothic lolita – a lecture by Marzena Podkowińska.

Marzena Podkowińska: Although by education (in my soul, heart and all that) I am a philologist, but I always had passion for fashion that is a specific language used to talk about oneself; one's character and convictions. It will be a great pleasure to tell you all what the differences between those three or even four trends in fashion are. Trends all being an alternative version of fashion of 19th, 18th and 20th century (more specifically of the 1920's and 1930's). Alternative versions of history, creating alternative versions of societies resulted in – apart from literature and film – also in an interesting and controversial but also very attractive fashion. I will try to point out the differences and similarities between them and show you ways to create such stylizations. I'll be glad to see you.

Photo by: Bogusław Kobic