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Stylish Creation of Wonderland

This year the Stylish Creation of Wonderland will be located through the looking glass, in the gazebo of the White Queen's garden. This slightly eccentric white lady decided to celebrate the magical golden hour with a teatime party, where only white drinks and snacks will be served. We'll also have edible gold to try! All of this will be served in the most expensive white porcelain, among flawlessly white gazebo and chess garden. To take part in this absolutely exquisite teatime party, one needs to wear at least one piece of wardrobe with chessboard motif. At the teatime party will organize a commemorative photo session for all the guests. For the whole day our chess garden will be open for picnic.

Chess garden from 10:30 will host the FASON concept store, in which a costume rental will be available as well as beautifing treatments station :) Specific stylizations will be available to rent, to picked from the catalog and to book in advance Rental price includes make-up and commemorative photo session from the metamorphosis process :) More information available from 5th September at Exquisite Atelier of Image of Mr and Mrs Fason

And most importantly beautiful and original accessories will be available at the FASON concept store. We've prepared real beauties specially selected for this exceptional event. Original handbags, jewelery and silk mercery of highest quality, also for the Gents. We especially recommend our collection of climatic scarves, foulards and ascots. We also have a wide selection of hats and fascinators. Make sure to visit our enchanted wardrobe and enrich your stylization with pretty and unique accessories.