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The city's alleys - 19th-century street

In culture, both high and popular, there's is embedded an image of a dark 10th-century London, especially the Whitechapel district thanks to the infamous Jack the Ripper. But how did the Polish cities looked like then, especially Galician ones? We'll take a look at the 19th-century architecture and its typically urban elements and also at the city planning of the time. We will consider who we could have met at such a street, how many people made a living from walking door-to-door. We will sneak a peak in the backyards, talk about public transport. We'll also talk about some street customs.
Jakub Jastrzębski – born in Kraków in 1986 , but sometimes he strikes a person as somone closer to the 1886. Self-appointed cracovianist and secession-period enthusiast. Since recently popularizer of the history of Polish lands in the 19th century through the prism of Kraków and Galicia, looking for steampunk inspiration in history. In everyday life a jewellery-maker under the Wunderkammer brand, in free time working with traditional photography..