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The Queen of Hearts

Someone - by mistake - has planted in the Palace's garden bushes of white roses and by the Queen's wish they should be red. So, if you don't want to lose your head, prepare your brushes! The Queen of Hearts however won't be in such a bad mood this year. She is fascinated by painting, so she decided to spare some of her precious time for your make-up. Don't miss the opportunity and enlist for the Queen of Hearts' visage session. The number of free spots is limited! e-mail: fundacja@nomina.pl with the topic "Make-up".
The Queen has also prepared workshhops on historical make-up. Under her supervision you'll be able to practice 19th-century methods of beautifying oneself.

The character of this vivid queen will be animated by Karolina Szypuła - artist, visagist, stylist. He learned holistic convention at the visage master Beata Radomska and works closely with her Centre for Visage Creation Centre.