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This year at Golden Afternoon:


For this year's Golden Afternoon we are, as always, planning lots of interesting attractions!

Our meeting will begin at 12.30. From the very beginning of our meeting the climatic vendors (incl. Mad Artisans and Wunderkammer) and all-day elements – Retro Atelier and unfailing Sheikh's Tent – will be available.

Next, at 15.00 we'll hear the Tale of the Marsząłkowicz family by Mr Witold Kisała, one of the present owners of the Manor.

At 15.30 we will invite everyone to join us in front of the Manor for a group photo.

Then something for the soul and something for the body:
at 16.00 lecture by Jakub Jastrzębski "The city's alleys. 19th-century street"
at 17.00
presentation of traditional Samovar tea brewing method and tasting at the Roving Samovar Stall of Gabriela Krysińska.

Then we will begin our evening programme block – at 18.00 the ball will commence together with dance classes, violin concert, joint fashion show and the most elegant gentleman election.

After the ball, at around 20.00 we've planned the movie screening of a victorian comedy "Confessions of a wasted youth" and a conversation with its author.

All day you are welcome to walk in the park and picnic on the grass; not only dance, play and learn, but also just leisurely rest, all under the sign of a golden 19.

For more details on each part of the programme check the 'Artists' tab!